Quaker Philosophy in the Curriculum

在“澳门太阳集团中心”,澳门太阳所有网站和课程都灌输了贵格会的价值观. At every level, 澳门太阳集团提倡通过探究学习的承诺, reflection, action, and discovery - an approach that stems from the Quaker belief in Continuing Revelation. A simple concept, Continuing Revelation is a foundation upon which the Quaker faith rests. It is the belief that, 而不是把灵性研究限制在一个固定的正典上, 学习应该是一个持续的、永无止境的过程. 持续的启示因此召唤贵格会的教育者和学生去持续的生活, joy-filled discovery.

Quaker Philosophy

这种哲学基础对日常生活的影响不能被夸大. It informs the shape of curriculum, but more importantly, 教师讲授课程的方式受到学生的欢迎. 老师尊重学生,培养学生, 学生互相尊重,尊重老师.

Imagine a classroom where questioning and inquiry feed a sense of wonder and progress, 教师承认自己的持续成长, and discovery can be collaborative. The collegiality that emerges between “student” and “expert” is one important factor in shaping the powerful and unusual quality of student-teacher relationships at Friends’ Central School. In every grade, the curriculum asks that students stand up for what they believe and behave respectfully at school and when they are out in the world.

澳门太阳集团中心的老师相信并示范了学习的乐趣. 近四分之一的高中学生参加广泛的, regular, not-for-credit study in our annual 科学核心团队、人文核心团队, and STEAM, or Makerspace Studio. These are collaborative experiences; though guided by the teachers, the atmosphere is one in which the students and the teachers approach the work with equal desire for insight from one another.

At times, our teachers make the connections between curriculum and Quaker testimonies explicit. 在其他时候,这种联系是存在的,但不那么明确. In fact, it would be difficult to find a moment in daily life at school that has not somehow been affected by the Friends philosophy.

Below are just a few examples of the ways that Quaker principles – or testimonies – guide daily life at Friends’ Central School.

Quaker Study

To ensure that students have a shared understanding of Quakerism and its importance in daily life, 六年级和九年级的学生参加贵格会教的课程. These rotation courses inform students about the foundations of the Quaker faith and practice. 九年级的这个班探索了无声崇拜, Spirit, mindfulness, identity, 以及通过贵格会证词来提高社会公正意识和教育, principles, and practices. Students who come to the school after the 9th grade year have a 6-session cohort experience led by our Quakerism Coordinator to orient them and to support their understanding of spiritual life in a Quaker school.

"Friends’ Central influenced me by instilling a powerful desire to always be a part of a community, and not just part of a community, 而是我的社区的变革的推动者. I didn’t realize it then, 但我的老师给我灌输了贵格会的朴素信条, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship in me. Looking back, one of my fondest memories of high school was our weekly meetings for worship. I didn’t appreciate it then, but now I look fondly at those times where the entire high school would join each other in the meeting room, and we would sit in silence, and in togetherness. 澳门太阳集团坐在有靠垫的木凳上,以免感到不舒服, 却让你坐直(或靠在澳门太阳集团身上). We weren’t squeezed like sardines, but every seat was filled, 当空间被完全占据时,创造一个舒适的空间. Our Headmaster, Mr. Felsen, 坐在房间最前面,面向澳门太阳集团所有人, 他身边有很多老师. 一些老师也和澳门太阳集团坐在长椅上. Meeting was about 45 minutes long, and if anyone wanted to stand and speak, they did. 这就是澳门太阳集团社区的一切. 澳门太阳集团都是平等的,澳门太阳集团所有的声音都很重要." Lindsay Bedford '07